About Glenn Peters


I'm an engineer with a focus on providing the best experience for the end user while satisfying all the business needs.

I currently focus on the front end of web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), but I have experience developing on the deeper layers with .Net, PHP, and Perl.

I've worked a wide range of company sizes and environments including Intel, DSV, and Oracle to mid-size startups and agencies.


I have developed sites from scratch (e.g. Facteus sites Fraud Analytix and Match Validation). I've also worked on legacy sites (e.g. DSV OneView, Intel.com). I frequently learn new technologies on the fly and am devoted to finding the best solutions for both the client and the end user.

Just some examples of what I've accomplished include:

  • Updating the intel.com Home page (2021), Download Center content pages (2021), and Contact Support area (2021)
  • A JavaScript SCORM wrapper that allowed the sale of a developed set of courseware to the client when the existing protocols didn't match the end client's Learning Management System.
  • Implemented Google Analytics tracking in a micro-reward website, allowing more detailed analysis of user flow.


In my spare time, I play Go and practice photography. (I made these sites, too.)

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